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We are enabling patients with skin issues to get from sick to healthy faster

LuminDx is developing cutting-edge technology that promises to better address some of the most common skin conditions


Sam sees rash on lower leg

Sam is a 28-year old guy who encounters an itchy rash on his right lower leg. He goes to his primary care physician to help him resolve this rash.

The primary care physician's challenge

Upon inspecting Sam's rash, his primary care physician will determine if he should prescribe a product, refer Sam to a specialist, or do further tests.

A primary care physician's job is hard

Imagine looking at a skin issue that could be three thousand different diseases, but you've only spent 1 week in medical school learning dermatology.

PCPs are strained for time

Sam's primary care physician has 11 minutes to address all of Sam's medical concerns, and Sam is also worried about his chronic headaches and depression.

Dermatologists are hard to access

Sam's primary care physician also knows it will take Sam 3 months to be seen by a dermatologist who could instantly glance at the rash and know likely conditions.

The Lumindx Solution

LuminDx is building a technology that helps primary care physicians make quick and accurate decisions for every patient with a skin issue, every time. That way patients like Sam can get the best care and treatment to get back to their busy lives.

LuminDx is also building solutions to help identify patients that can benefit from new therapies, to ensure each patient gets the right care every time.

We aspire to share this technology around the world, so every patient with a skin issue receives the right diagnosis and treatment.

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